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Welcome to The Scottish Tae Kwon Do Academy. At the Boyle family of TaeKwonDo school, Head Instructor and Co Owner Charles Boyle 5th degree back belt and Mrs Gillian Boyle 3rd degree black belt has been teaching adults, teens and children the ancient Korean martial art of Taekwondo for over fifty years between them.


Mr Boyle is a professionally qualified martial artist for over thirty years and runs the school under the strict guidance of world renowned Grandmaster Hee Il Cho 9th Dan. All club members are licensed members of AIMAA. and Brittish Taekwondo Council. We hope you thoroughly enjoy looking through our website!

T.T.F. British Championships 2014

On Saturday 15th November 15 students and parents from the Scottish Taekwondo Academy traveled down to Tewkesbury for the 1st ever T.T.F. (Traditional Taekwondo Federation) British championships hosted by Chairman Master Amrit Kalcutt 6th degree black belt.
9 students entered this championships and came away with a impressive haul of 16 medals with an outstanding 9 British Champion Titles, 4 silver and 3 bronze.
Its was an amazing atmosphere from start to finish for all student whom competed in this great event, there were students competing from all areas throughout Scotland and England.With new friendships being made for kids as young as 4 up till the age of 50. Mr & Mrs Boyle were so proud off all students whom competed in this event and especially winning 9 British titles, out of the nine students only two students from our club misted out in the medals was Scott McDonald and this was only his second competition and took fourth in men orange belt points sparring and Thomas Collins misted out too.
winning students are:
 Logan Boyle - 3rd place in boys red-belt patterns, 3rd place in boys continuous red-belt sparring, 2nd place boys red- belt points sparring.
Scott Harper - 1st place in boys continuous red-belt sparring, 1st place boys red-belt points sparring.
Jamie McKenna - 2nd place in men red-belt patterns, 2nd place adults heavyweight red-belt sparring.
Julie Mulholland - 2nd place in ladies lightweight points sparring.
Gillian Collins - 1st place in ladies heavyweight points sparring.
Louis Rowe - 1st place in boys black belt patterns,1st place in boys lightweight black belt points sparring,1st place in boys lightweight black belt continuous sparring. and the Louis winning in the lightweight black belt division Mr Derrick club instructor said that he should try the middleweight division, and he did and won 1st place in boys black belt middleweight continuous sparring with ease.
Ross Derrick - 3rd place in men senior black belt patterns,1st place in men lightweight black belt points sparring and 1st place in men lightweight black belt continuous sparring.

Mr Mrs Boyle club instructor are proud off all students for the great effort that they pot in and the courage with some were really hard fights and for the parents who traveled down and the great support they give all the time.

We would like to thank Crawfurd's Car Centre Greenock and John from Fishers Trucks Ltd for sponsorship. If anyone is interested in joining the Academy, we are offering 1 week of free training to new students until the end of this year. we meet 3 nights per week in the Kerr Hall George Sq Greenock, we offer classes from the age of 3 1/2 upwards or for anymore information log on to for more information.

Master Darcy Seminar 2014

On Sunday 26th 3 students from Scottish Tae Kwon-Do Academy along with instructors Mr & Mrs Boyle traveled to Larkhall Leisure Centre to train with AIMAA European director Master John Darcy 7th Degree Blackbelt and the 3rd highest ranking member of grandmaster He IL Cho 9th degree blackbelt and AIMAA Ireland chief instructor, also AIMAA'S European Director.

The seminar was organized by Mr & Mrs. Belgacem and Mr. Alex Walker from Hamilton, and we would like to thank them for the invite to train with the legend instructor Master John Darcy, Over 150 students took part on the day with some traveling from as far as Ireland.

The seminar was spread over a 2 hour period covering all aspects of Tae Kwon-Do along with a lot of core workouts.
which Master Darcy takes straight from his training himself with Grand Master He IL Cho.  Mr. & Mrs. Boyle would like to say well done to all students who traveled to the event.

The club is now getting ready for the T.T.F. British Championship hosted by Master Kalcutt on the 16th November and have been training hard the past few month for this.

We would like to thank Crawfurds Car Centre Greenock and John from Fishers Trucks Ltd for sponsorship. If anyone is interested in joining the Academy, we are offering 1 week of free training. we meet 3 nights per week in the Kerr Hall George Sq Greenock, we offer classes from the age of 3 1/2 upwards or for anymore information log on to for more info.

In photo is from left Mr Derrick, Mr Boyle Club Instructor, Master Darcy in Blue suit, Mr Rowe and in front Logan Boyle.

PUMA World Championship Success 2014

World Championship Squad

Students and Instructors from The Scottish Tae Kwon Do Academy recently travelled to the PUMA World Championships in England and returned with an excellent tally of four medals!!


You can read a full report from their trip, featured on the Inverclydenow website, by clicking here.

AIMAA Summer Camp 2014

In July 2014 a group of 15 instructor, student and parents traveled to Orlando Florida for our bi-annual summer camp.
Aimaa members and non-members from around the world came together in Orlando during the week of July 14th - 18th to train under the guidance of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho and many other Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors.
Aimaa camp is a bi-annual gathering of like minded martial artists to a chosen destination for a week long training camp. All classes this year were held in the morning allowing student to go off and enjoy the many attractions that Orlando has to offer. The previous camp in 2012 was hosted by Aimaa Europe on the picturesque Chanel island of Jersey.
Aimaa members from Ireland, England, Scotland and the USA were joined by guests from England, Norway and even Brazil all training hard and forging friendships through Tae Kwon-Do, and together developing a solid camaraderie which grew and grew as the week progressed.
The camp got off to a great start with our 1st class being tough by Grandmaster Ameris, Aimaa's technical director and most senior student of Grandmaster Cho. GM Ameris lead all students through a highly informative seminar, focusing on elbow striking. From both traditional and a street / self defense point of view. GM Ameris is renowned throughout the martial arts world for his extremely effective and dynamic self defense abilities.
Day 2 of the camp Grandmaster Cho took to the floor for the 1st of his seminars, from his introduction speech, GM Cho expressed his wisdom of nearly 75 years with the encouragement to every student to rise above the small concerns and complaints of everyday living and embrace a more humble, accepting and forgiving attitude towards others. This years camp theme was written on the camp t-shirts "OUR ULTIMATE GOAL IS HAPPINESS".
GM Cho's seminar started off with a very through stretching routine warming up both upper body and legs in prep for what was to come. He then led everyone through some very dynamic punching and kicking drills as well as working on everyone's blocking skills. All while demonstrating every last technique himself.
The rest of the week, the 3 remaining Masters in attendance took turns to teach exciting and highly informative seminars.
Our very own Instructor Mr Boyle was invited by Grandmaster Cho to teach a seminar at camp which was a great honor.
Aimaa summer camp 2014 was another huge success for our association. It was an opportunity to build stronger relationships between friends old and new.
The Academy would like to take this opportunity to thank TESCO for allowing us to have a bag packing day, which allowed us to raise the funds to help our students attend this wonderful event. We would also like to thank all students, parents and grandparent for helping us with our fundraising efforts throughout the year.

If anyone is interested in joining, we run classes 5 days a week, within our academy at Kerr Hall in George Sq, Greenock. We have beginners classes, seniors classes, child classes, pre-school classes and ladies classes also. All classes are free for your first week so why not come along and give them a try. Or log onto for more information.

11th S.T.A. SCOTTISH OPEN 2014

On the Sunday 23th April 2014 the Scottish Taekwon-Do Academy held its 11th Scottish Taekwondo Open Championships at lady Octavia Sport Center Greenock.
Again we had great support from our friends from Master Kallkut W.M.S.T. TaeKwondo Master Harrison M.C.H.F.T.K.D. England  and from our A.I.M.A.A. family Mr Belgacem & Mr Walker Larkhall, Hamilton and Lochend

The yearly event seen  110 competitors take to the floor from all over the UK, in the disciplines of Patterns, Point Sparring and Continuous Sparring in 50 division .

The Academy also managed to hold on to a massive 23 Scottish titles on the day, with another 21 silvers and 12 bronze, collecting a total of 56 medals on the day.

Patterns winners were:
1st Place Winners: Stephanie Turner, Reece Houston and Julie Stewart.
2nd Place Winners: Louis Rowe and Gillian Collins.
3rd Place Winners: Leah McCallum, Lauren McCormick, James Clark and Corrie Boyde

Points Sparring Winners were:
1st Place: Aiden Bradley, Stephanie Turner, Scott Clark, Kelsey Kerr, Samuel McClumpha, Caine McCormick, Scott Harper, Lauren McCormick, Zack Robertson, Gillian Collins, Louis Rowe and Ross Derrick.
2nd Place: Tieghan Collins, Kieron Mullan, Aaron Sweeney, Thomas Collins, Kieron Feeney, Leah McCallum, Ross McKendrick, James Clark and Corrie Boyde.
3rd Place: Meghan McCormick, Liam Laughlan, Logan Boyle, Julie Mulholland, Reece Houston, Jordan McIntyre and Julie Stewart.

Continuous Sparring Winners were:
1st Place: Aiden Bradley, Scott Clark, Leah McCallum, Scott Harper, Zack Robertson, Gillian Collins, Louis Rowe and Ross Derrick.
2nd Place: Braiden Miller, Stephanie Turner, Logan Boyle, Mark Jardine, Lauren McCormick, James Clark,Corrie Boyde, Reece Houston, Julie Stewart and Julie Mulholand.
3rd Place: Kieron Feeney.

Mr and Mrs Boyle would like to thank everyone who took part and helped out at this great event. Win or loose on the day you all done fantastic.

The Academy are now looking forward to welcoming Bill "SUPERFOOT" Wallace to the Academy on Thursday the 15th of May. Mr Wallace is an undefeated full contact world champion he competed along-sides the likes of Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris. He was also personel trainer, bodyguard and close personal friend of Elvis Presley. If any Local Martial Arts groups would be interested in attending this event then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

If anyone is interested in our Taekwondo class come along to our full-time studio at 11 Kerr Hall George Square Greenock. classes start from ages 3 and a half to any age Mon-Wed-Fri 5pm onwards or go on to or phone 07901828863 .

Interclub/Comp/Awards 2013

On the 25th Jan Scottish Tae Kwon Do Academy held it's annual club competition awards at Kerr hall in George Square.
Over 85 Students took part on the day, competing in patterns and point sparring and a great time by all. This was the 1st time that two other A.I.M.A.A partner club's from Hamilton and Lochend came down to compete in this friendly event.
the Iinterclub tournaments are held to give inexperienced students a chance to compete, helping them make the decision on whether they would like to compete nationally or internationally.
All students receive a trophy on the day whether they win or lose, with last year's members also receiving their awards for 2013. students winning first, second or third place on the day also received an extra certificate and the academy title until the next event.
The students are know back in training for the Puma World Championship on the 7th-8th March in Swindon and then the 11th Scottish Tae Kwon Do Academy Open 2014 competition to be held in Lady Octavia Leisure Centre on the 13th April. it is open to all martial arts clubs. Academy Instructors Mr and Mrs Boyle would like to congratulate all students who attended on the day and thank to parents and grandparents for coming along. a special thanks goes to Mrs Rowe and Mrs Docherty and all black belts students for helping out on the day.
Academy winners were:
1st place winners: Adam Engleby, Lauren McCormick, Zack Robertson, Louis Rowe and Jamie McKenna.
2nd place winners: Jake McInnes, Braiden Miller, Mitchel Morris, Sophie Hamilton, Ethan Barrie and Connor King.
3rd place winners: Liam Laughlan, Pablo Senra, Aaron Sweeney, Stephanie Turner, Ellie McCallum and Callum Docherty.
Point Sparring:
1st place winners: Teighan Collins, Nathan Smith, Stephanie Turner, Lauren McCormick, Mitchel Morris, Aiden Bradley, Scott Harper, Zack Robertson, Ethan Barrie, Louis Rowe. Derek Robertson, Ros Derrick, Gillan Boyle and Connor King.
2nd place winners: Kelsey Kerr, Jake McInnes, Leah McCallum, Ellie McCallum, Caine McCormick, Kieron Feeney, Callum Docherty, Jordan Learie and Paul Anderson.
3rd place winners: Meghan McCormick, Adam Engleby, Hannah McInnes, Sophie Hamilton, Pablo Senra, Logan Boyle, James Clark and Jamie McKenna.
Competitor of the Year 2013:
Braiden Miller, Scott Harper, Lauren McCormick Louis Rowe and Ross Derrick.
Most Promising Student 2013:
Kelsey Kerr, Leah McCallum and Jamie McKenna.
Student of the Year 2013:
Jake McInnes, James Clark and Louis Rowe.
If anyone is interested in joining the Academy, log on to for more information, or pop into the hall any evening after 5pm.

Special Announcements

Welcome to our new website. We are currently updating and moving all of our information from our previous website so please bare with us. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Boyle.

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