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A.I.M.A.A. Dublin Black Belt Grading – 22nd Oct 2016

  (Left to right; Master Boyle, 6th dan, Mrs Boyle, 4th Dan, Master Meagher, 6th Dan, Master Darcy, 7th Dan and Master Byrne, 7th Dan)
On Saturday the 22nd October Mrs Gillian Boyle, senior student of Inverclyde Cho’s Tae Kwon-Do Scotland, traveled to Dublin to grade for 4th degree black belt and the title of International Instructor, under  A.I.M.A.A. (Action International Martial Arts Association) panel of Masters; European director Master John Darcy 7th Dan, Irish regional director Master Peter Byrne 7th Dan and Scottish Master Charles Boyle 6th Dan.

On the day of testing, Mr Meagher, 5th Dan from Ireland, was also grading for Masters Degree. Mrs Boyle from Greenock was also grading from 3rd Dan to 4th. Both students on the day did extremely well under the pressure of 3 Masters sat on the grading panel putting them through their paces.
Mrs Boyle has been training intensely since January and has also undertaken 3 pre-gradings within the previous 2 months leading up to the grading.The pre-grading purpose is to prepare the student for the grueling two and a half hour grading.
Mrs Boyle also had to undertake a teaching schedule to enable her to enter the International Instructors ranks within A.I.M.A.A.
The grading started off with a twenty minute warm up, leading into all patterns from basic to advanced line work. Following this, the pair had to show their sparring prowess against one another Finally, the grading is concluded by pad-work and board breaking. 

Once the physical element has been assessed, those grading were then asked an graded on their theory of the art which revolves around noted Korean figures and the symbolism of patterns.

Both students were on the floor for around two and a half hours with only small breaks from time to time to take on fluids. Students were also tested on their knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do and had to submit a 2000 word essay which was then passed to Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, 9th degree and president and founder of A.I.M.A.A. who also had the final say on weather or not the students had passed.
Master Boyle was proud of Mrs Boyle showing the determination and grit during the grading, as she is a senior student of mine. She has been training for over 22 years in Tae Kwon-Do under my instruction and takes a Ladies only class once a week, as well as panthers class twice a week from 3 and a half years up to 6.
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