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Club Competition and Awards 2017

On Saturday 28th January Inverclyde Cho’s Tae Kwon Do Scotland held it’s annual club competition awards at its full time dojang (hall) at 11a Clarence St Greenock.
39 Students took part on the day, competing in patterns and point sparring and continuous sparring for senior grades with our little panthers breaking as well, and a great was had time by all.
The Inter/club tournaments are held to give inexperienced students a chance to compete, helping them make the decision on whether they would like to compete nationally or internationally.
All students receive a trophy on the day whether they win or lose, Academy Instructors Master and Mrs Boyle would like to congratulate all students who attended on the day and thank to all parents and grandparents for coming along.

A special thanks goes to Miss Fyfe, Mrs Pollock, Miss Docherty and Mrs Docherty and assistant instructor Ross Derrick, and other Black belts students for helping out on the day.
Breaking results: 1st Jaxon Boyle, 2nd Brendan Daly, 3rd Ryan MacBain.
Academy winners in Patterns:
1st Place: Jay McLaughlin, Luke Stewart, Owen Harvey, Mitchel Morris, Ethan Barrie, Sam Cox, Ross Derrick.
2nd Place: Aileigh Mearns, Scott Quartieri, Adam Engleby, Jason Harvey, Leah McCallum, Gillian Collins, Jamie McKenna.

3rd Place: Tristan Schrickel, Teighan Collins, Abigail Pollock, Rebecca Foley, Logan Boyle, Jason Cox.

Academy winners in point Sparring:
1st place: Aaron Duffy, Brendan Daly, Luke Stewart, Robbie Cumming, Teighan Collins,Scott Quartieri,Adam Engleby,Leah McCallum,Aiden Bradley,Ethan Barrie,Gill Collins,Ross Derrick,

2nd Place: Noah Lafferty, Ryan MacBain, Declan MaGhee, Aiden Guiller, Aileigh Mearns,Tristan Schrikel,Owen Harvey,Abigail Pollock,Mitchel Morris,Logan Boyle,Gavin Patton,Jason Cox,

3rd Place: John Stewart, Jaxon Boyle, Jay McLaughlan, Liam Laughlan,Rebecca Foley,Thomas Collins,Sam Cox,Jamie McKenna,
Academy winners in Mixed Continuous Sparring:
1st Place: Ross Derrick, 2nd Place: Jason Cox, 3rd Place: Sam Cox.
The day also saw the Awards for 2016 being awarded to a select few:
Most promising student was awarded to: John Stewart, Scott Quartieri
Competitor of the year 2016 were awarded to: Brendan Daly, Logan Boyle, Leah McCallum, Ethan Barrie, Gillian Collins and Sam Cox
Students of the year 2016 were awarded to: Aaran Duffy, Mitchel Morris, Gillian Collins and Ethan Barrie
Our students are still training hard again for our A.I.M.A.A. Scotland Tae Kwon Do Championships in March to be held at Lady Octavia Sports Centre Greenock.
Again Inverclyde Cho’s Tae Kwon Do Scotland will be holding its 2nd A.I.M.A.A. Scottish Tae Kwon Do Championships 2017 at Lady Octavia Sport Centre Greenock Pa15 2Jn. on the 19th March. if any other Martial Art Clubs would like to take part in this event please don’t hesitate to contact us on through our Webb site or contact us on Facebook. thank you Master Boyle.