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Grandmaster Hee IL Cho

Grandmaster Hee IL Cho is by far one of the most experienced and knowledgeable martial artists of our time. For over 55 years, Grandmaster Hee IL Cho has been training and devoting his life completely to the art of Tae Kwon-Do. Grandmaster Cho is by example the perfect Tae Kwon-Do Master. He has a true and sincere dedication to the martial arts. There is no other martial artist in the world today that has traveled by invitation to as many schools worldwide to speak and teach than Grandmaster Cho. He sacrificed countless hours producing the most extensive training library ever known to the martial arts world. However, Grandmaster Cho remains humble and simple in his manner, continuing to train and personally teach classes daily at his own school. Grandmaster Cho began his training at the age of ten in Korea. His motivation was inspired by being beat-up as a young boy, continuing diligently and training daily.


Grand Master Hee IL Cho

Grandmaster Cho received his black belt at the age of thirteen. By twenty-one he had achieved Fourth Dan black belt and was selected to train the elite special forces of the Korean National Army. Grandmaster Cho was also recruited to train the army Special Forces of India. In 1968 the United States became Grandmaster Cho’s new found home. Throughout his younger life Grandmaster Cho actively participated in many competitions and international championships, including martial arts and boxing.┬áHe quickly gained a reputation as a fierce fighting and forms competitor. In addition Grandmaster Cho has personally written 11 books and produced 67 videos. In 1980 he founded the Action International Martial Arts Association, which today has member support internationally.