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2nd A.I.M.A.A. Tkd Championships Scotland

On the Sunday 19th March, Inverclyde Cho’s Tae Kwon Do Scotland held its 2nd Scottish A.I.M.A.A. Open Tae Kwon Do Championships hosted by Master & Mrs Boyle at lady Octavia Sport Centre Greenock.

Again we had great support from friends Master & Mrs Kallkut & Mr & Mrs Hall W.M.S.T. Tkd in Mr Salik Miah from West Yorkshire England.
And from our A.I.M.A.A. (Action International Martial Arts Association) Scotland family Mr Belgacem Larkhall & Hamilton, Mr Walker Lochend, Miss Kirsty Gough Blantyre.
also T.A.G.B. Scotland Clubs Miss Kirsty Izat from Uddingstone, Mr Joe Hoey T.A.G.B. Jayson & Daryn Duncan Hamilton T.A.G.B. Mr Stevie Lee from Johnston Tkd and Mr Ross Fisher from Icon Tkd From Fife. 

The yearly event seen 160 competitors take to the floor from all over the UK, in the disciplines of Patterns, Point Sparring and Continuous Sparring over 70 division.

Our local students also managed to hold on to a massive 8 Scottish titles on the day, with another 13 silvers and 7 bronze, collecting a total of 28 medals on the day.

Patterns winners were:
1st Place Winners: Gavin Patton.
2nd Place Winners: Scott Quartieri, Brian Lynch, Ross Derrick.
3rd Place Winners: Gillian Collins, Sam Cox. 

Points Sparring Winners were:
1st Place: Declan McGhee,Connor King, Ross Derrick.
2nd Place: Teighan Collins,Owen Harvey,Leah McCallum,Dylan Lappin, Sam Cox, Brian Lynch.
3rd Place: Robbie Cumming, Mitchell Morris, Gavin Patton, Jason Cox.

Continuous Sparring Winners were:
1st Place: Declan McGhee,Leah McCallum,Connor King,Ross Derrick,
2nd Place: Owen Harvey, Scott Quartieri,Sam Cox, Brian Lynch,
3rd Place: Gavin Patton,

A special thanks goes to Mrs Rowe,Mrs Laughlan,Miss Fyfe, Mr McCallum, and parents Mr McIntyre and Mr Campbell for there Van to take our Gear up to Lady Octavia Sport Centre and senior black belts Ross Derrick, Louis Rowe and other Black belt students for helping out on the day.
And all our Instructors whom help out during the day refereeing etc the competition couldn’t run smoothly without your help folks.

Master and Mrs Boyle would like to thank everyone who took part and helped out at this great event. Win or loose on the day you all done fantastic.
in photo is some student whom competed on the day some students couldn’t make photo.
For anyone interested in joining Cho’s Tae Kwon-Do log on to www.inverclyde-taekwondo.com, or contact Master Boyle on 07901828863 or Mrs Boyle on 07908715883 or pop into our new training hall at 11a Clarence St Greenock next door to Crawfurds Car Centre, any evening from 5pm. Classes are offered to students from the age of 3 ½ and upwards.
Master & Mrs Boyle would like to thank our Sponsor Crawfurds Car Centre Greenock for there continue support.

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